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What kind of guarantee do you give your Organic Cotton?

What kind of guarantee do you give your Organic Cotton?

At Body4real Organic Cotton, we have produced what we believe to be the purest form of organic cotton clothing.

Our Cotton is produced in Brazil and also in Turkey, the latter being one of the countries with the least transgenic seed contamination.

Our spinning is done in both Brazil and Turkey and our weaving in Portugal, were the facilities are GOTS-certified and under the full control of the brand.

All our clothing is manufactured in Europe in line with the most stringent quality standards.

Any dyeing or printing is done following the maximum sustainability standards always with GOTS or OEKOTEX certified inks.

The cotton is always in the natural colour that grows from the seed; ecru, brown or green. Without dyes or chemical treatments applied.

We do not apply any wet processes. Just washing.

We stand by our product being the purest garment available.

Endorsed by more than 25 years of experience.

Feb 10th 2021 Naffisa

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