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Body4Real Organic Cotton

Body4Real Organic Unbleached Cotton Mens Underwear Boxers - Chemical-Free, Dye-Free -Customer Returns

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  • Please measure according to our size chart. Our Organic clothing is imported from Spain/Portugal, sizes there are quite different from US sizes. PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY IF YOU NEED ANY ASSISTANCE
  • Hypoallergenic, Chemical-free and Dye-free
  • Non-Transgenic seeds (Non-GMO)
  • Body4Real Organic Unbleached Cotton Mens Underwear Boxers - Chemical-Free, Dye-Free -Customer Returns
  • Allergy-free
  • Soft, Vegan
  • PETA Approved
  • Our Brand is proud to participate in Fair Trade
  • Organic ColorGrown Cotton
  • You are purchasing an article of clothing in the PUREST form possible. Please follow washing instructions. NEVER dry in the machine or use softeners. These garments are special and delicate. Please treat them accordingly.
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These Men's Organic Underwear are on sale due to slight manufacturer defects in the stitching, or customer returns due to sizing. All sales are final on all our clearance items. 

  • MORE PROTECTION than fashion–saves you from psoriasis, rashes, itching, allergies, dermatitis, eczema, and other skin disorders
  • Friendly for fibromyalgia and electro-sensitive skin
  • Made with 100% natural color grown organic cotton
  • Pure and eco-friendly–no pesticides or toxic fertilizers used in production
  • Free from dyes, toxic chemicals, and carcinogens

Materials and Care:

  • Like fine cotton candy, this clothing is incredibly lightweight, comfortable, pure, and breathable
  • Hypoallergenic and VEGAN
  • Absolute organic methods used in the growing, spinning, weaving, and manufacturing of the cotton
  • Hand wash and line dry

Why Choose Organic: It is known that a quarter of insecticides used around the world are used solely for growing conventional cotton. Cotton growing and processing methods account for 10% of all the pollution on our planet. Once the fabric has been woven, other dyes are added which damage the environment and can result in skin sensitivity. Most fabrics undergo 20-40 treatments( spraying, coatings, softeners, fungicides, anti crease treatments and more- all of which can affect the skin adversely). Our cotton undergoes just 1 washing process it order to remove the vegetable fats derived from the weaving process, nothing more.

Sizing: Please note these are EUROPEAN SIZES which tend to be smaller than in the USA. Use the measurements in the image provided to ensure accurate sizing.

Made In Portugal using all natural cotton
Item: 1 Men's Underwear 

While this product range is chemical-free, and dye -free, due to transportation and storage factors, we cannot guarantee the clothing to be suitable for MCS sufferers.

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