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Cruelty Free Clothing

Sustainability is at the heart of our clothing. From The very basis of starting with pure organic cotton to ensuring that the farmers are well compensated to respecting the soil and biodiversity in the growth of the cotton. We are also proud to have animal welfare as part of our organic cotton production. We do not test on animals (only humans:)) .

Our Organic range is completely chemical and dye-free, our seeds are Non-GMO, there are no artificial irrigation systems-only rainwater. The fields are worked with animals, not polluting machinery. Our cotton comes from small Fair Trade Farms, that practice Biodynamic farming.

Natural cotton comes in a multitude of colors such as ecru(white), brown and green, and this is what we use to manufacture our Organic cotton clothing. Conventional cotton was created by Man for economical reasons. The fiber qualities of the “Color grown cotton” were not suitable for modern textile machines. Today most people associate cotton with the color white. Since then color grown cotton has been cultivated with longer fibers, bringing it back into production.

Conventional cotton carries a considerable environmental cost due to the toxic chemicals and practices used. It takes about ⅓ of a pound of pesticides to grow enough conventional cotton for one t-shirt.

Apr 15th 2021

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