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How to best wash Organic Cotton if you suffer from Hidradnitis Supprotiva

How to best wash Organic Cotton if you suffer from Hidradnitis Supprotiva

Recently a customer wrote to us asking:

I have a rare non-contagious, non-curable skin disease called Hidradnitis Supprotiva or HS for short, that synthetic fibers causes my disease to flare up and becomes very painful. I’ve been searching for clothing made of 100% pure organic cotton since 2007. Now that I found you, and if I purchase the clothing (which I more than likely will), how to I keep them that way? With my HS I have to use prescribed body soap that you get only through a prescription. I can’t use any other type of soap, deodorant, shaving cream, perfume, etc. Please advise. Thank you.

In response, we advised as follows: we recommend you use the soap prescribed by your doctor to wash your clothing... nothing else... 

Sometimes even organic soaps can irritate the the skin so if you have extreme sensitivities, it is best to seek medical advice first. We found some great organisations and support groups that can help:


(Working to improve awareness, education and support for those affected by Hidradenitis Suppurativa)



Hope for HS was founded in 2013 by Angie Parks-Miller and Dr. Melissa Williams. Hope for HS is the 1st face to face support group in the United States for those with HS, their caregivers and loved ones.

Oct 20th 2020 Naffisa

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