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Rubber Allergies in Clothing

Rubber Allergies in Clothing

Please note that we are not expert in rubber allergies. However taking into account our experience with clients with Multiple Chemical Sensibility please note that depending of the degree they tolerate the presence of elastic bands in clothing, our pure chemical free cotton clothing may bye suited to them. 

Please note all our socks, underwear and pants which contain elastic / rubber are covered with pure organic cotton. Nevertheless, even when these elements are fully covered with organic cotton fabric, when the patology is severe, the client cannot accept products which contain any kind of elastic. Fortunately, these are very few cases and it always coincides that the pathology is very severe.

In these cases, our advice to the customers with skin disorders or a rubber allergy is to order just 1 small piece of clothing to test. If this product does not cause them any harm, then we can safely assume the rest of  the productions with synthetic elements would not affect their health. 

Apr 5th 2022

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