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​What is Fast Fashion and why is it bad

​What is Fast Fashion and why is it bad

With the boom of online shopping over the past decade, and the necessity for it over the period of the pandemic, companies have had to find ways of mass producing popular fashion whilst minimising their costs. Unfortunately, it has come to light in the past few years that many of these businesses exploit the economies of third world countries to employ unfairly low paid workers for long and arduous hours to mass produce garments. This process has coined the phrase ‘Fast Fashion’.

The often unsafe conditions these workers operate under puts them in extremely vulnerable positions, and takes them away from spending time with their families as they have few options but to work such long weeks to put food on the table. For this reason our Organic Cotton project works with over 50 farming families to provide a fair income for everyone in the process from Farm to Shop. For more information, visit our organic cotton page: 


Jul 20th 2022

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