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Body4Real Groovy Hair Tyes

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Hair Ties
  • Body4Real Groovy Hair Tyes
  • Body4Real Groovy Hair Tyes
$14.79 - $15.50


Hair Tie's are the latest hair accessory. Use them in place of boring elastic hairbands. Hair Tie's hold the hair just as well as elastic hairbands, but they have the advantage of not pulling or tugging at your hair plus they look great! Use them for ponytails or buns. When not in use, put them on your wrist (they look much better than elastic bands).  Available in lots of colours (see other listings). Great for adults and kids - great to colour accessories with your outfit.

Hair Tie's can be worn individually or you can wrap a few round your hair for added effect. Hair Ties are hand dyed, cut and tied. They can be washed and the tie part doesn't come apart, so they can be worn again and again. These hair ties make for great gifts for girls and are excellent as a stocking filler or birthday gift.


  •     Hair Tie's don't pull or nick the hair
  •     Hand dyed, cut and tied
  •     Wont pull, dent or  damage hair

For Hair-Tye Green 

Pack consists of The Enchanting collection 

  •     Atonement Glitter
  •     Missoni Graphic Print
  •     Oh So Royal tie dye
  •     Keylime Pie tie dye
  •     Little Black Hair Tie

1 glitter, 1 print and 3 plain.

For Hair-Tye Pink

Pack consists of the Gold collection

1 glitter, 1 chain and 1 plain.

For Glitter

This pack consists of 3 head bands all with glitter.

Each and Every Head Band is hand dyed, hand cut and hand tied in the USA. 

Note: The ties on the models are for illustration purposes only, the ones you will receive are as shown in the first/main picture.

Made in the USA

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