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More about our Organic Cotton Clothing

More about our Organic Cotton Clothing

We don’t have an environmental policy. We just do what comes naturally.


Natural means reducing pollution

The conventional growing and processing of cotton is responsible for 10% of the total pollution on our planet. That’s why we strive to promote the use of organic cotton which is free from chemicals and synthetic products throughout the entire growing, processing and manufacturing process.

Natural means not using chemicals

Pesticides, insecticides, agrochemicals, bleaches and the wet finishing processes of the textile industry have a tremendously negative impact on our environment. They have an adverse effect on bees and other species that are essential for preserving the planet’s biodiversity; they leach soils of their nutrients and pollute the environment, as well as causing health problems in the people who come into contact with these substances and those who wear the textiles produced by these systems. And that’s why we don’t use pollutants when it comes to producing pure organic cotton clothing.

Natural means saving energy and natural resources

It’s in our DNA to apply sustainability and efficiency criteria to all our processes in order to minimize energy consumption and use our natural resources wisely. The proof of this is that in over 24 years we have never used dyes on our fabrics nor wet textile finishing processes, with the resulting savings in the use of water and, once again, toxic products. We believe it is vitally important to preserve as many resources as possible for our future generations.

Natural means having an environmentally-aware team and energy-efficient facilities

We encourage our staff, our clients and our suppliers to engage in environmentally-friendly practices by providing training and information.

By the same token, our head office has been geo-harmonized to reduce the electromagnetic contamination of electronic appliances and we also conduct geopathic research to optimize the health of our staff. All cleaning is done using organic, biodegradable products.

Mar 31st 2021

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