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What’s so special about Pure Organic Cotton

What’s so special about Pure Organic Cotton

100% Pure Certified Organic Fair-trade Cotton. No chemicals! No dyes! No GMO!


Pure organic cotton is especially beneficial to those suffering from skin disorders such as dermatitis, eczema, rashes, allergies, psoriasis, or MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). It has also been shown to help those suffering from Fibromyalgia, and Electrosensitivity.

It is known that a quarter of insecticides used around the world are used solely for growing conventional cotton. Once the fabric has been woven, other dyes are added which damage the environment and can result in skin sensitivity. Most fabrics undergo 20-40 treatments( spraying, coatings, softeners, fungicides, anti crease treatments and more- all of which can affect the skin adversely.)

Our cotton undergoes just 1 washing process in order to remove the vegetable fats derived from the weaving process.

Most people consider white to be the natural colour of cotton - that is not the case. There are only 3 natural colours produced from the seed of cotton: Ecru ,Brown and Green.


  • 100% Organic Seeds. Non-Transgenic seeds(Non-GMO)
  • Eco-friendly agriculture, no use of pesticides or toxic fertilizers, ensuring environmentally sustainable production
  • Fields worked with animals, free from polluting agricultural machinery
  • No Irrigation systems, just rainwater
  • No chemical processes, just a simple washing process
  • No intermediaries or exploitation, the farmers and their families are just as much of the project as the company
  • Absolute control of the entire cycle: growing, spinning, weaving and manufacturin


  • Ladies & Men’s Pyjamas
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Men’s Underwear
  • Ladies Underwear
Mar 16th 2021

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